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Mycological Equipment - Cultures and Spawn

Cultures and Spawn

Welcome to Mycological Equipment

We at Mycological Equipment want mushroom growers to have the equipment and supplies they need at prices they can afford.  Toward that end we have discovered some outstanding products that are ready-made to meet your needs.  If you need something you don’t see here, contact us, perhaps we can find it, build it or grow it for you.

Autoclaves: We offer both horizontal and vertical autoclaves.  Learn More.

Mixers: We offer mixers to insure your substrate is uniform.  Learn More.

Cultures and Spawn: We offer quality cultures and spawn to help your profitability.  Learn More.

Other Items: From time to time we have other items that don’t fit into our other categories.  Learn More.

We aren’t publishing prices, because we want you to contact us to discuss our products and the product you need.  Sometimes they are the same and sometimes they aren’t.  A little discussion can make your farm run much more smoothly in the long run.

We recommend:

Mycological Equipment - Other Items

Other Items