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Horizontal Autoclaves

Horizontal Autoclave

About Autoclaves

Autoclaves are simply chambers that can contain pressurized steam in a controlled manner. Large ones, like those we offer, are used by mushroom growers to sterilize substrate for those species, like shiitake, that require it.

Your choice of autoclave depends upon the way you layout and operate your farm.  Horizontal types are typically used with metal carts that hold bags of substrate that are rolled into the autoclave to be sterilized.  Vertical types may require hand placement of bags into the autoclave or can be used with suitable metal baskets that can be loaded into the autoclave with a hoist.

In addition to the autoclave you will need a suitable boiler to create the steam that is forced into the autoclave.  Contact us to discuss boilers.

Vertical Autoclaves

Vertical Autoclave