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Cultures and Spawn

Cultures and Spawn

About Cultures and Spawn

Cultures and spawn both can be used to produce specific species of mushrooms, yet they are very different things.  A culture is pure mushroom mycelium while spawn is the same type of mycelium growing in a base substrate, typically grain.  If you want to create your own spawn,  you can do that with the cultures we offer, but it requires good laboratory skills both to prevent contamination in the spawn and to maintain the long term viability of the culture.


Culinary Mushrooms

  • Lentinula edodes (shiitake) – Various Fruiting Temperature
  • Pleurotus spp. (oyster) – Various Fruiting Temperatures
    • Pleurotus djamor (pink oyster)
    • Pleurotus cornucopiae
    • Pleurotus citrinopileatus (yellow oyster)
    • Pleurotus geesteranus
    • Pleurotus ostreatus (gray Oyster)
  • Grifola frondosa (maitake, hen of the woods)
  • Hericium erinaceus (monkey Head, lion’s mane, pom pom)
  • Sparassis crispa (cauliflower mushroom)
  • Auricularia auricula (wood ear)
  • Agrocybe aegirita (pioppino)
  • Oudemansiella radicata (Xerula radicata, rooting shank)
  • Termitomyces albuminosus (gyejong)

Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Agaricus blazei (almond mushroom)
  • Cordyceps sinensis (Ophiocordyceps sinensis, Sphaeria sinensis, caterpillar fungus)
  • Cordyceps militaris
  • Ganoderma lucidum (reishi-red, lingzZhi)
  • Taiwanofungus camphoratus (Antrodia camphorata , Ganoderma camphoratum,  camphor tree fungus)

We offer both grain and sawdust spawn.